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EA say NFTs and blockchain games are the future of gaming industry

Published: 10:06, 05 November 2021
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EA CEO Andrew Wilson believes that the new age of gaming will be all about NFTs and blockchain games.

EA recently published their financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2022 where they announced record-breaking income. Q2 2022 was EA biggest quarter in history, the publisher proudly revealed. 

Additionally, during the financial report, EA also mentioned their upcoming releases such as Battlefield 2042 and touched upon new technology like NFTs and blockchain, which is almost certainly embracing the gaming industry.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke positively about NFTs and blockchain, stating that such services will have a meaningful part in the future of gaming and EA. 

"I think that in the context of the games we create and the live services that we offer, collectable digital content is going to play a meaningful part in our future," Wilson said during the financial report. "It's still early to tell, but I think we're in a really good position, and we should expect us to kind of think more innovatively and creatively about that on a go-forward basis."

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How exactly EA plan to utilise NFTs and blockchain it remains to be seen but we would not be surprised if they try to maximise the profit in the same way they did with loot boxes. EA CEO invented those after all and he probably has an idea how to use these new opportunities in a similar fashion.

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