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Battlefield V pulls freely obtainable skin, returns it as premium

Published: 10:26, 23 May 2019
Updated: 14:22, 23 May 2019
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Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire

EA and Dice found themselves in midst of controversy with Battlefield V, this time over the Pit Crew cosmetics. This particular skin set was freely obtainable since the launch and but the two pulled it and reintroduced it at a Boins price.

The move was quickly spotted and as you'd expect, it turned into a Reddit post, where it caught the attention of Battlefield V's community managers.

In the post, Reddit user called AssaultPlazma wrote, "I bought the set initially when it was still available for CC. Deliberately removing content that can be bought for in-game currency only to re-sell it back under premium currency is just plain wrong."

He also argued that the lack of transparency makes this even worse, and we can't deny that suddenly slapping prices on items you could've gotten for free looks like a quick cash grab, rather than a monetisation plan.

Most of the participants in the thread seem to agree and are outraged, quite rightfully. Some even suggested EA see them like walking wallets.

Others claim this is the reason why they bought Battlefield V's Deluxe Edition, thinking they'll get the game and everything else, but we can all see how that panned out.

For what it's worth, the thread was seen by Battlefield V's community manager, who has already communicated this to the development team, but they are yet to respond to any of this.

One thing is for certain - if EA or Dice were honest about this, it would've gone down much easier with the fans of the game. The same fans that stuck with the game through all the entire pre-launch, launch and post-launch controversies and issues.

What they ended up doing is angering the people who are sticking by them, by trying to squeeze out more money with zero effort.

EA picture showing four guys in a boat Battlefield V Firestorm

And there's no easy way to say this - it feels like being cheated. And EA and Dice should know better than anyone what's the response of players who feel cheated.

You can find the full thread on Reddit .


Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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