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Battlefield V tank body customisation, weapon tweaks coming in v6.2

Published: 22:29, 28 February 2020
Battlefield V tank customisation screen
Battlefield V, tank you Dice!

If you're been dying to customise your tanks in Battlefield V then it's time to get excited, as Dice detailed the changes in their latest post. If you've just been dying, maybe the weapon rebalance coming with the 6.2 update might help.

Dice finally gave the official date and tank customisation is going live with the 6.3 update on 4 March 2020. This is the same update that will add weapon rebalancing, but first things first. 

Battlefield V players will be able to purchase tank customisation options with Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. There will be a total of 37 pieces at launch, all purchasable with Company Coin, while the rest will be rotated through Armory rotations of varying rarities. 

The tanks feature three main customisable options - the paint job, chassis and turret dressing, the latter two being fancy names for body and cannon/turret customisation. 

Basically, Battlefield V players will get to make their tanks a reflection of how they see themselves in the game. That said, we sure hope you're not the toxic type of player, because we doubt there will be acid-spewing customisation options. 

As you'd expect, this is just the beginning of Battlefield V's pimp-my-tank project, and the dev already announced what's coming next. 

"We’ll continue adding customization for the tanks as we progress along - there’s even rumors of “salad tanks” coming to Battlefield V that have a cool feature where the foliage changes color with the skin you apply. Keep an eye out for that", they said. 

EA Battlefield V tank turret customisation option Battlefield V, Turret customisation

Battlefield V's 6.2 update will also bring some weapon rebalancing, as the community wasn't exactly over the moon with the 5.2 hotfix changes. So, base damage of most guns will be back to 5.0 version, while slightly decreasing the drop in ranged damage from 5.2 and 5.2.2. 

EA Battlefield V tank paint customisation option Battlefield V, Paint Jobs

"Additionally, ranged damage is now based on a weapon's class rather than rate of fire. For example, Assault Rifles and LMGs will hit harder at range than SMGs with the equivalent rate of fire. Recoil and accuracy values have been adjusted to be consistent with the values in 5.0. The only exception is the Type 2A, which has had a substantial increase in recoil to balance it within the SMG class", they wrote. 

EA Battlefield V tank turret customisation option Battlefield V, Turret customisation

You can learn more about tank customisation here , while weapon rebalancing details are here .

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