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Battlefield V's June update isn't final, just last content update

Published: 08:01, 28 May 2020
Updated: 08:18, 28 May 2020
Jungle stream in Battlefield V
Battlefield V, Chapter 6: Into the Jungle

Battlefield V's battlegrounds have been calmer than usual lately as Dice are preparing the June content update, which they reiterated will be the last content drop.

There's been some confusion after Dice's announcement of Battlefield V's June content update , and even the announced weekly rewards suggested players will be given currency to try everything out before Dice pull the plug. 

According to the dev's official post on Reddit, however, the June update is not the final update - just the last content drop.

"It's not a 'final' update. It's the last content update - but we plan on dropping fixes and there will be the Community Games Update to add more tools to the feature. But there will be new/returning playlists when Update 7.0/June Update drops", Dice's community manager wrote. 

The dev being hard at work on the next update would normally be great news for Battlefield V players, but if you're planning on jumping in this week, there's very little to write home about. 

Namely, there will be no missions this week as the June update work takes precedence, but ongoing weekly missions and playlist rotations will resume once the update has launched. 

Throughout the remainder of Chapter 6, Battlefield V players get to play the Pacific War Playlist. Several fans on the post in question think that it's a much better option than vanilla maps, but we'll have to wait and see what Dice have in store. 

DICE Key art for Battlefield V. The lead character in Battlefield games always appear to be on fire.

As you'd expect, many Battlefield V players are irked over what they consider to be Dice's reluctance to say it like it is, i.e. the June update is the final one. That, of course, depends on whether you consider bug fixes and playlist tweaks updates, but not many players do. 

You can find the Reddit post here .

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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