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EA Play 2022 has officially been cancelled

Published: 00:18, 17 March 2022
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Electronic Arts has announced they will not be holding an EA Play in 2022 - the event, not the subscription.

EA's confusing naming scheme may lead people to believe that the company's subscription is going to be altered but that is not the case. What the gaming giant announced was that they will not have a showcase that is normally held at some point during summer.

The company's showing was initially a part of E3 but they have given up on the press conference format in 2016, more than half a decade ago, when it evolved into an event of its own where the participants could try out the upcoming titles in EA's booth.

In 2021, the event was forced to take the form of an online-only showcase due to the Covid-19 pandemic and one year later, in 2022, it will not be held at all. 

IGN originally broke the story as an EA spokesperson confirmed the event will not happen in 2022 but noted that there is news that we can look forward to.

This is probably a relief for Dead Space fans who are waiting for the remake of the original title as they hope to hop into Isaac's shoes once more and take on the necromorphs.

On the less scary side of space adventures, Respawn is also working on multiple Star Wars games and everyone is eagerly awaiting to see what the Jedi Fallen Order sequel has in store for them.

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