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Dead Space YouTube channel rumoured to be teasing remake

Published: 02:14, 02 July 2021
picture showing a character in futuristic suit
Dead Space

Dead Space is coming to life in a new fashion reportedly and the tiny clues all over the place seem to confirm the leaks.

Fans have been clamouring for a new Dead Space game and EA seems ready to oblige them. The game's official YouTube channel has recently been revived with an update to the profile picture that no longer advertises Dead Space 3 but only features a portion of what is assumed to be Isaac Clarke.

The reason for this appears to be a warmup for the marketing campaign for a new Dead Space game, although the term "new" is loosely applied. Namely, it will not be a remaster of any of the existing titles but it will also not be a brand new game. According to VentureBeat, we are in for a Dead Space remake .

If the report turns out to be correct, the Dead Space remake will take cues from the Resident Evil remakes, meaning the original game will be the basis but the new title will have additional gameplay mechanics and graphics worthy of the modern-day standards.

Overall, it looks like EA are pulling back on the policy of only creating live-service games since they are continuously publishing Hazelight's co-op adventures as well as working on Jedi Fallen Order 2 and now the Dead Space remake. 

Without having to worry about potentially silly excuses for microtransactions, we are probably never getting a pink Isaac, for better or worse.

EA Iden Versio talking to her commander, while Darth Sidious observes Star Wars: Battlefront II did a number on EA's policy about live service versus singleplayer games

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