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EA Origin proves the many pittfals of digital-only distribution

Published: 20:08, 13 August 2018
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A Reddit user going by the name FlyingOfficer reported a major issue with EA's Origin service where his account and the entire library connected to it got deleted. EA's support proved to be less than adequate, resulting in a PR fiasco.

FlyingOfficer initially reported his problem to EA support, but was met with an overwhelmingly terrible response. All of his games have been lost to the wind now, interestingly including a pre-order for Battlefield V. He provided all the necessary info for tracing the account but got stonewalled, with the support claiming there is no transaction ID, order ID, CD keys even though FlyingOfficer provided all of these.

On top of everything, he stated he had all the purchase receipts and the support still wouldn't help him. To add fuel to the fire, moderators of r/gaming, the subreddit where FlyingOfficer posted his complaint, removed his thread inexplicably. The thread was restored at a later point, but the initial removal left a strong impression of the moderators being corrupt and trying to sweep the issue under the rug. The mods may have just been distrustfull since anyone could claim such a thing. Either way, when EA is involved one has to wonder.

Regardless of mod interference, FlyingOfficer received massive support and his thread made it to Reddit's front page with over 142.000 upvotes in the end. His case was initially dismissed and the case ID was deleted, so FlyingOfficer went to to complain about the issue and call both EA and DICE out for his missing Battlefield V pre-order.

FlyingOfficer's noise making wasn't in vain after all, as he managed to get an from an EA representative going by the name PatWelsh, who started working with FlyingOfficer on getting his things back, as well as replying in a less cold manner than EA regular support staff.

EA DICE Picture of a soldier about to shoot another soldier with a handgun Battlefield V

The story eventually ended on a somewhat positive note for FlyingOfficer, as EA managed to restore most of his games, but his Battlefield V pre-order is still pending. Another EA employee, named Sarah, restored his ID and games, and added 12 months of EA Origin Access Premier membership to his account. FlyingOfficer didn't ask for the subscription, but he got it regardless.

At this point it's hard to figure out if the gesture was a way to compensate the customer for his trouble or an attempt to bribe him into not raising any more dust over the issue. If the latter is the case, it didn't work as FlyingOfficer he would criticise bad customer service and predatory practices regardless.

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