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EA might make a free to play battle royale game in the future

Published: 17:18, 27 July 2018
Spoof image of EA's logo with "royale" written on the sides
EA Royale

Fortnite has become an unstoppable money making machine for Epic Games and EA might look to take a slice of that cake. While their Battlefield V will have a battle royale mode, it seems like they might make a standalone free to play royale.

EA's investor call seems to be a gift that keeps on giving, as it offered more info about the company's workings. For example, it first revealed that the Origin Access Premier service will launch on 30 July 2018 and now it has shown that EA are interested in building a standalone free to play battle royale game.

It's actually a wonder they didn't do it sooner, since free to play games are fertile ground for microtransactions and loot boxes, both of which are EA's wet dream. The main reason is likely that Battlefield V was nearing the end of development cycle so they tossed battle royale into it, but also brought rewriting of history along with it in order to sell cosmetic items.

Anyway, it is EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen that was asked if Battlefield V's battle royale could become a standalone free to play game, which he absolutely denied. The investor call confirmed that EA didn't drop the free to play battle royale possibility entirely though, as Jorgensen has now teased they might build one from scratch.

According to Jorgensen, the company is "interested in experimenting with a free to play game that might be in a shooter or in another genre". Andrew Wilson, EA's CEO, has recently also that battle royale is "clearly a mode of play that the global FPS population is interested in", adding that EA would be looking at that particular piece of market.

EA DICE Screenshot of colourful but weird characters from Battlefield V Battlefield V super hero team, from left to right: Katana Commando, Female Terminator, Scrawny Kratos and Black Braveheart

It is noteworthy that Wilson's statement preceded the announcement of battle royale in Battlefield V so something could already be cooking by the time Battlefield V launches. Speaking of which, Battlefield V's release is coming on 19 October 2018, but its battle royale component hasn't been shown yet. 

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