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Battlefield V is getting microtransactions in the upcoming update

Published: 16:38, 03 April 2019
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EA have confirmed that the upcoming Battlefield V update, scheduled for tomorrow 04 April 2019 will add a premium currency that can be purchased with real-world money. Players will be able to buy cosmetics, XP boosters and Elite sets.

DICE's WW2 shooter Battlefield V is getting microtransactions five months after the initial release. EA confirmed that a premium currency, purchasable with real-world money will be introduced in the upcoming update that is scheduled for tomorrow - 04 April 2019.

EA's announcement details the microtransactions system and it's safe to say that the publisher did their best to explain that this addition will not impact Battlefield V's "balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay".

The game's premium currency is creatively named Battlefield Currency and those who decide to give their hard earned money to EA can use the currency to purchase cosmetic customisation items, Time Savers and Elite sets.

Time Savers and Elite sets will not be available once the update arrives, instead, EA plan to add these in future updates. Time Savers will include Tier Catch-ups and XP Boosts and these will unlock Chapter Reward items and accelerate the amount of experience points you earn while you play respectively.

The Elite sets will come in Chapter 3 and will let you play as a distinct soldier in multiplayer modes, including Firestorm. Each Elite will have its unique name and background and they consist of a themed assortment of cosmetics, character voice-overs, animations, and a Special Assignment. EA say that Elites play like any other soldier and do not grant any type of gameplay advantage. 

At the moment, Battlefield V allows you to earn cosmetic items of all rarity levels through progression and Company Coins, but after the update, you will be able to buy new Epic items using Battlefield Currency. Additionally, you'll also be able to get some cosmetic items that are already available through Company Coin.

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EA say that they will continue to add more cosmetic items that can be obtained through all three options. The goal is to offer every player a chance to access new cosmetic items, whether they choose to spend real-world money or earn content through gameplay.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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