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Battlefield V Firestorm duos mode removed as no one is playing it

Published: 12:17, 10 May 2019
Updated: 18:13, 10 May 2019
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Battlefield V Firestorm

Dice have removed Duos mode from Battlefield V's battle royale mode once again and this time, it's because not enough people are playing it apparently. Dice explained the decision on Reddit by saying that more players prefer Squads mode.

In the latest Firestorm update, which landed yesterday, Dice have once again taken out Duos mode from Battlefield V's battle royale. Originally introduced as a limited time mode, Duos was removed a few weeks ago but many players requested that Dice add the mode permanently to the matchmaking.

Dice listened but only partially - Duos was re-introduced to players' satisfaction but it didn't last long and we're at the beginning once again. The devs explained their decision in a Reddit post by saying that Duos is simply not as popular as Squads mode and that more folks prefer four-man team over two.

"We’ve seen more folks jump back into Squads mode, with less preferring to Firestorm it up in Duo - so we’re going to get back to the original plan today and we’ve disabled it’s matchmaking," it's written in the post.

As with any other limited time mode, Dice don't know if Duos will ever make a return but they are "confident" they'll see it again in Battlefield V Firestorm. 

Furthermore, Dice announced that core Battlefield V multiplayer will receive plenty of rotations of temporary modes like Grind, Rush, Squad Conquest and Outpost once it releases.

Apparently, Dice are looking at ways to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy these modes after their initial introduction, without undermining the matchmaking for those who would rather play the game's base modes.

As expected, Dice's post wasn't received well by the Battlefield community on Reddit. Some players wrote that Duos mode is the only reason they play Battlefield V Firestorm while others said that this decision is the final nail in the coffin for Firestorm player base that is already shrinking.

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Whether Dice listen to Battlefield V players once again and re-introduce Duos to Firestorm for the second time it remains to be seen but judging by the responses from players, it's safe to say there is a lot of those who really enjoyed the mode, even if Dice say otherwise.

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