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Two patches scheduled to fix Dragon Ball FighterZ's online issues

Published: 17:47, 23 February 2018
Bandai Namco
Dragon Ball FighterZ poster in yellow and orange featuring Super Saiyan Goku.
Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ was well received by players and critics alike but ever since its launch, the game has been struggling with online issues. Arc System Works are looking into the issues and have laid out a road map for fixing them.

Dragon Ball FighterZ's online experience has been suffering for a while now, with Ring Matches having bad matchmaking and lobby experiencing constant disconnects. Bandai Namco have released a roadmap video on YouTube , where the game's producer Tomoko Hiroki let players know they're aware of the issues and are looking into fixing them.

Hiroki started with thanking fans for the support that resulted in Dragon Ball FighterZ's stellar start where several sales records were broken. As far as the issues go, Hiroki said they are ''aware of the situation and keen to resolve them with all our might''. That last bit made it sound like they're going to go Super Saiyan on their servers.

Arc System Works Promotional picture of one of the Dragon Ball FighterZ characters being angry on an orange background. Dragon Ball FighterZ

The first patch will be going live in late February 2018 which means in five days or less. Hiroki did ask they player base not to overreact and expect that this patch will fix all the issues with the game's online component. It should fix some issues, but not everything.

That is where the second patch comes in. It is scheduled for mid to late March 2018 and should swoop in and mop up any mess the first patch didn't. Hiroki also confirmed that they ''will not stop until the fix has been completed''. Here is to hoping the fix doesn't get dragged out like Goku's  with Frieza.

Akira Toriyama A picture of different Super Saiyan stages Goku achieved in Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball

Hiroki closed by saying that ''Dragon Ball FighterZ still has a lot more to offer'' and they hope players are looking forward to more announcements. Player's don't want announcements, they want you to fix their game.

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