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Base Goku and Vegeta to join Dragon Ball Fighter Z roster as DLC

Published: 18:42, 18 July 2018
Arc System Works
Picture of Goku in base form in Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Dragon Ball FighterZ - Goku

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have revealed the next two DLC characters that will arrive to Dragon Ball FighterZ - base versions of Goku and Vegeta. It is somewhat odd they chose these two, as it doesn't seem particularly creative.

Base Goku and Vegeta should arrive at some point in August, but no exact date has been specified. The reception so far has been mixed, as some fans are content with having more Goku and Vegeta, but others are disatisfied as Dragon Ball universe has many colourful and interesting characters to offer, instead of just recycling the existing ones. For example, Jiren still hasn't entered the fray and neither did the Saiyans from Universe 6.

Anyway, has released these two sort of new additions' details. Base Vegeta's special will be Galick Gun, surprise, surprise. This version will be fired at the ground apparently and can be used mid air. He will also have Galaxy Breaker, which will cause him to emit energy from his body. 

Base Goku will have access to his most powerful form before going Super Saiyan - Kaioken. It will allow players to mash buttons in order to unleash a series of attacks. Once an ally falls in battle, Goku will be able to x20 Kaioken. Super Spirit Bomb will also be a part of his kit and will allow Goku to disintegrate pretty much anything, provided it hits. The move has been described as the most powerful in the game, but also painfully slow to compensate.

Price of each fighter will be $4,99 / €4,99 / £3,99 , just as all other DLC ones. These two will be the fifth and sixth DLC characters, which means there will be at least another two characters coming in the future.

Arc System Works Picture of base Goku and Vegeta from V-Jump magazine Dragon Ball FighterZ - Base Goku and Vegeta

There is currently no indication on who they might be, but fingers crossed for some toons that didn't appear in Dragon Ball games before. Aside from the previously mentioned Universe 6 Saiyans and Jiren, it would definitely be interesting to see more Pride Troopers or event Katopesla. While the latter may not be exceptionally strong, he is definitely hilarious so he might be a perfect fit for a game where Yamcha can beat Beerus to a pulp.

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