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Android 17 is the next DLC coming to Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Published: 22:01, 19 September 2018
Arc System Works
Dragon Ball FighterZ logo
Dragon Ball FighterZ logo

There are three androids left in Dragon Ball universe and probably the most popular one after Tournament of Power saga is finally joining DragonBall: FighterZ roster. Bandai Namco didn't officially announce it yet, but V-Jump magazine did.

Android 17 will apparently join the roster in late September 2018, but since it was 19 September 2018 at the time of writing, it is safe to say we are getting the park-ranger-turned-multiverse-champion rather soon.

The pricing will be the standard $4,99 / €4,99 / £3,99 rate for new fighters. V-Jump also revealed that Android 17 will apparently have techniques that allow him to control areas around him, most likely employing the shield we've seen him use to protect his allies and himself during Dragon Ball Super saga.

There is also a mention of his offensive techniques which kind of comes natural considering that he was the first one to eventually land a significant hit on Jiren. The explanation matches the way he managed to pull that feat as well, as the  mentions an electric attack as well as one that features repeated strikes from behind.

Android 17 will arrive alongside a free update that will include a new stage which will be the Space Arena. Apparently the new map has only been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One so far, with Switch getting it at a later point in time, while there is no official confirmation for PC. On the other hand, Gematsu did point out that V-Jump doesn't cover PC titles so it might arrive at the same time it will on PS4 and Xbox One.

Arc System Works Picture of V-Jump magazine teasing Android 17 in Dragon Ball: FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ - V-jump teases Android 17

Folks at Arc System Works didn't forget that Halloween is approaching either as they have announced new Halloween-themed costumes that will be obtainable through Z Capsules. Naturally, it's alarming to see anything exclusive to loot boxes, but considering that Dragon Ball: FighterZ doesn't exactly force players to grind or whip out real life money in order to get them, it may not be too much of an issue.

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