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Digital Extremes replace Warframe's Alerts with Nightwave

Published: 07:32, 28 February 2019
Digital Extremes
A female next to a microphone from Warframe's Nightwave update
Warframe, Nora Night

Digital Extremes have revealed that Warframe is ditching the Alert system in favour of Nightwave, an ongoing pirate radio broadcast that introduces daily and weekly challenges similar to the Battle Pass model, as well as new stories.

Warframe's Nightwave broadcasts will come in series, where each will take a few weeks to unfold, which is probably a good time for Digital Extremes to go wild with the lore.

The broadcast is hosted by Nora Night, whom the dev calls the eyes and ears of the Origin System, and she's already started lighting up the airwaves.  

Each Nightwave Series comes with Acts, i.e. Battle Pass-type sets of daily and weekly challenges that will earn you limited-time, exclusive, and quite likely narrative-related rewards.

By completing Acts, players will earn standing with Nora and progress up the Reward Tiers, unlocking cosmetics or Wolf Cred currency with every tier.

Naturally, Warframe players who end up completing the 30 Tiers before the Series end will get all the rewards. 

Warframe's Nightwave Series One is called The Wolf of Saturn Six and speaks of an escaped convict that has been kicking up dust all across the Origin System, leaving it to you to put some sense into him. Or led, either way.

Reaching the Tier 4 of The Wolf of Saturn Six shouldn't take you long and will grant you two weapon inventory slot. The next reward in line, however, is at Tier 26, which earns you the Wolf Howl Emote. 

Tier 29 applies the Umbra polarity to warframes and weapons alike, whereas the final tier, Tier 30, gets you the Saturn Six Armor Bundle, "he signature battle armor of the only lunatic fearsome enough to have escaped the Saturn Six Max-Pen."

Digital Extremes Warframe's newly added challenge system similar to Battle Pass model Warframe, Nightwave reward tiers

If you've been left wanting for some of the rewards from the earlier system, you can head over to the Nightwave Cred Offerings and get them, be they Nitain Extracts or rare Aura mods.

Note, however, that Wolf Creds must be redeemed or sold for credits before the Series is over, so make sure to use them or lose them.

You can find the official announcement .

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