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Battlefield V is getting visibility improvements in next update

Published: 08:30, 06 May 2019
EA Dice
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Dice have officially confirmed that player visibility issue in Battlefield V will finally be addressed in one of the upcoming, May updates. The new system should make soldiers more visible in very dark and very bright environments.

If you play Dice's WW2 shooter Battlefield V, you probably know that some of the issues that were present even in the beta are still in the game, including the poor visibility of enemy players on certain maps and areas.

In their latest post on Reddit, Dice officially confirmed that a long-awaited fix for this particular issue is set to arrive in the next update, scheduled to release sometime later this month. The developer detailed all the changes that have been made after reading the community feedback and having many discussions internally. 

Being able to see the enemy players in dimly lit rooms, transitioning from indoors to outdoors without losing sight of the enemy due to change in environment and distinguishing enemy players from scenery within some maps are some of the tweaks that Dice are implementing.

As you can see from the image below, the lighting on the soldiers looks a lot different than earlier, making them much easier to spot, even in the darkest areas. "The new system is capable of making soldiers properly visible in very dark and very bright environments, and allows for more consistent visibility across all environmental situations," Dice explained.

Low player visibility was particularly annoying on Devastation map where players would use their darker camouflages to create an advantage over those who are not using the same camos. Dice confirmed that the new system will also tackle this issue by better conserving the colours of a soldier's uniform to prevent very dark or very bright uniforms from having an unintended gameplay advantage.

Of course, this doesn't mean that some darker camos will be useless now, only that they won't be universally superior over others. You'll still want to use the camo that matches the environment like the green one for Twisted Steel or yellows for Hamada.

EA battlefield v screenshots showing a comparison between character lightning Battlefield V - before and after the new update

You can check for a closer look at the new changes.

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