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Dice to address Battlefield TTK/TTD issues in an update

Published: 17:05, 30 November 2018
Updated: 09:27, 13 December 2018
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Dice have revealed plans for improving the time to kill and time to death elements in one of the future updates. The developers say both are tied and complex pieces as they continue to investigate the issue in that area, including netcode.

Tides of War update for Battlefield V is just around the corner and the developer Dice took to Reddit to reveal many changes coming on 04 December 2018 when the update is set to go live.

Among the detailed list of changes, Dice mentioned time to kill (TTK) and time to death (TTD) issues. According to the developer, the TTD is currently one of the highest priorities for the team as they're investigating many pieces to identify the issues in that area.

Some players have been frustrated with the new TTK which is faster than the one in Battlefield 1 and Dice says they've seen the problem of players dying too quickly and will include some balance tweaks which may lead to slower TTK. Not everyone will be happy with the decision as many players are enjoying the combat and are to this idea.

Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan said that once they roll out the changes, they will be ready for testing on all servers globally but new playlist will be available through server browser where players will be able to play the current TTK in order to compare the two experiences.

However, tweaks for TTK and TTD issues will not be included in Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture but some weapon balance changes will be coming.

Additionally, Dice shared a sneak peek of specific game elements that will be included in the next week's update.

Revive mechanics will now feel faster as some issues that prevented players from taking full control after the revive animation have been addressed. Increasing the revive speed is something that Dice keeps in mind but there will be no incoming changes in the next update.

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Dice have also nerfed some guns like STEN, Turner SMLE and Thompson submachine gun while increasing the damage on Sturmgewehr 1-5 and increasing the hit kill range on all assault rifles and SMG 5s.

The full list of changes coming in Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture can be found on .

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