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Battlefield V first major update delayed hours before release

Published: 11:08, 04 December 2018
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Just hours before the release of Battlefield V: Chapter 1 Overture, Dice found a critical issue with the update and decided they'll be delaying the new content. The delay shouldn't take long though and the update should arrive this week.

Players will have to wait a little bit more for the first major Battlefield V content update. Battlefield V: Chapter 1 Overture was scheduled to release on 4 December 2018 but the developer Dice decided to delay it after discovering a critical issue with the patch.

Dice said they would rather sit on the updates for for a bit more than run risk of causing more serious issues downstream. Judging by their message, the delay shouldn't be a long one and more information will be available today, or as soon as Dice have something worth noting.

We didn't get any specific details about the exact nature of the issue but it doesn't look great for Battlefield V. The game's sales don't seem to be particularly stellar while those who ended up buying it aren't quite ecstatic over the live service model.

Additionally, Dice and EA did something pretty darn bizarre on the Battlefield V launch event in Sweden. An image surfaced on which shows negative quotes from fans about the historical inaccuracy of the game and inclusion of female characters with prosthetic limbs. We're not really sure why they thought it a good idea to push this issue further while the game is still struggling for relevance but we guess they know best.

Battlefield V: Chapter 1 Overture update brings a new single-player story dubbed "The Last Tiger". It's a story about a disillusioned crew of a Tiger Tank whose faltering resolve is apparently the main theme of the story.

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The new update will also bring multiplayer content. Panzerstorm map will set the stage for more tank battles with support for up to 17 vehicles on the map. Tank and aircraft decorations are also coming, as well as the Practice Range, where players can test weapons and improve their skills.

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