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Diabotical mapping contest announced with $30,000 prize pool

Published: 18:10, 26 September 2020
The GD Studio

The GD Studio announced a competition for map creators that can win them a hefty sum of money, provided their entry becomes the winning one.

Season 1 mapping contest in Diabotical will be the fans' chance to create a map that will be incorporated in the game but will not be playable before Season 2. Technically, there will be three contests in total and the $30,000 prize pool will be spread over them.

There is one contest for duel maps, one for 4v4 team maps and one for time trial maps. Interested map makers can submit their entries until November 15, 2020, at which point the team will pick the top 10 from each category and move to the final round where the map makers will be able to adjust their entries based on the devs' feedback.

Following the feedback, the map creators will have until December 15, 2020, to submit the altered maps and potentially win some money. Top five maps in each category will provide rewards for their developers and GD Studio noted there will be "some bonus rewards as well".

Out of all the maps that make it to the finals and win prizes, the best will be chosen among them and introduced into the game in Season 2. 

There is also a quick rundown what the 4v4 category entails:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Team Deathmatch
  • MacGuffin
  • Freeze Tag

Furthermore, if you have enough time to develop maps for all the categories, you can enter all three contests. Besides that, you are allowed to work in teams on map creation and the reward split will likely be left to your discretion.

All the maps need to be created using the in-game map editor. The resources on how to use it can be found on Liquidpedia or on Diabotical's mapping Discord channel .

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