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Diabotical launches with multi-year development plan

Published: 22:38, 03 September 2020
Updated: 15:08, 04 September 2020
The GD Studio
Screenshot with a rocket launcher from Diabotical arena shooter

Diabotical has officially released on Epic Games Store even though many expected an open beta first. The devs also announced a multi-year support plan for the game.

Arena shooters got another addition as The GD Studio announced the surprise launch for Diabotical, completely skipping the open beta. The good news is that no one has to commit any money since it's a free-to-play game so waiting for reviews and impressions is not as crucial as with paid titles.

That said, Diabotical contains microtransactions which is not much surprise given the F2P model. These are purely cosmetic and can be obtained in various packs, provided one likes the game enough to commit money to it.

On the topic of liking the game, it looks to have accomplished the goal The GD Studio had in mind - being a title with gameplay loop of arena shooter classics like Unreal Tournament and Quake. The other side of the coin is that arena shooters are not that popular currently with battle royales and hero shooters taking the spotlight.

That's probably the reason why The GD Studio announced they have a two-year dev plan so the players can have a bit of a relief - their game will not get abandoned anytime soon.

Given the competitive nature of arena shooters, it's no surprise that there is already an allocated fund for tournaments so if you feel like having a go at becoming pro, this might be a good opportunity.

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