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Diabotical free to play arena shooter goes Epic Games exclusive

Published: 08:37, 16 December 2019
The GD Studio
Screenshot with a rocket launcher from Diabotical arena shooter

Diabotical is an upcoming Kickstarter-funded arena shooter that will be released exclusively on Epic Games Store. This much was confirmed on a recent dev stream, where The GD Studio announced they would issue refunds for those dissatisfied with the platform choice.

The GD Studio initially announced Diabotical on 1 April 2016 with the Kickstarter trailer. Considering the number of memes in it and the characters being round smileys, one could easily think it was a joke announcement but the project was funded with roughly 150 per cent of the funding goal.

Three years later, Diabotical is running behind schedule and The GD Studio announced it would now be released only on Epic Games Store as the latter seem to have paid a hefty price for the exclusive rights.

Backers who might be dissatisfied by either Diabotical being late or platform exclusivity can now refund their pledges. The summarising the dev stream contains instructions on how to go through the process.

As a result of going Epic exclusive, Diabotical will now have a $250,000 prize fund for esports in 2020 but on the not-so-bright side, it remains to be seen whether the title will manage to flourish on Epic Games' platform. Considering arena shooters are all but extinct these days with Quake 3 struggling even on Steam and Epic's own Unreal Tournament being on indefinite halt since December 2018, we can only hope some super creative solution comes to The GD Studio's mind in order to prevent player loss that would leave the game with massive queues due to low population.

The devs will have around two years to make things work apparently as that's how much time Epic exclusivity check provided for them. Considering we mentioned the 2020 esports plans for Diabotical, you might be wondering when you can get your hands on the emoji shooter. It appears this will come to be as soon as February 2020 through the initial beta tests.

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