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Diabotical revamps playlists and improves experience with latest patch

Published: 17:26, 28 November 2020
GD Studio

The GD Studio released a new patch for Diabotical that improves the players' experience, regardless of which mode they preferred previously. Getting into matches should now feel smoother and more streamlined.

Diabotical's Quickplay, Ranked and Custom Game menus have been removed in favour of a streamlined screen that should make it easier and quicker for players to get into a type of game they desire.

The newly introduced Daily Playlist features four different modes where two are on a rotation while Wipeout and Duel are available at all times. These games will be backfilled if someone leaves a match.

On the other hand, Community matches should provide more diversity with 12 community matches and Server List button being available to show all the matches in a player's selected datacenters. They will also have the ability to create a lobby and use the Lobby Key.

The third, but not the least, are Pickup matches. These will offer games based on players' preference of team size, party, skill rating, the number of matches played and datacenter. Players can choose up to three pickups at the same time.

Upon concluding a Daily Playlist or Pickup match, players will be able to choose a rematch or otherwise continue to a different lobby. Both of these types of matches will award experience and both will have challenges.

Leaderboards will now be available only for the Duel game mode but the previous skill ratings haven't been changed. If you're not sure that you are at the top of your game before entering a Duel, you can choose the Warmup button below the queue indicator to practice those mechanics.

There are a few other changes but these are the highlights. If you'd like to read the entire patch notes , you can check out the official post on Reddit.

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