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Destiny 2: Zavala voice actor reads out hilarious Caiatl roast

Published: 21:23, 11 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Zavala meme
Destiny 2 - Zavala meme

Season of the Chosen trailer spawned fertile ground for Destiny 2 memes and a particularly funny one caught the eye of Commander Zavala's voice actor, which he turned into a gift for the community.

Destiny 2 saw the return of the Darkness as Beyond Light kicked off which caused some changes that would be unusual in pretty much any other setting. One unexpected turn of events led Cabal's Empress Caiatl to try talks for peace with the Guardians, which Commander Zavala refused as she was looking for domination rather than an alliance.

Zavala's answer was a simple "No" but the community took it several steps further and created their own responses, one of which was especially savage - a roast worthy of Lamar Davis himself . The fans expressed interest in hearing the roast read out loud by Zavala's voice actor, Lance Reddick, but no one really expected it to become reality.

Well, they were wrong as Reddick saw the post, acted the speech out as Zavala and posted it back on Twitter. Considering it all happened on the social platform and not on one where similar services are paid for, such as Cameo, it is safe to assume no transaction was made and Lance Reddick did this of his own volition without taking a dime for the masterful presentation.

As a cherry on top, Reddick also gave a shoutout to the Twitter user that pinged him initially and now the entire community is enjoying a more savage Zavala that mentions some interesting ways we can obtain new guns.

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