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Destiny 2 subscription leak was a hoax

Published: 04:38, 03 January 2023
Destiny 2 - The Guardian with Cayde-6
Destiny 2 - The Guardian with Cayde-6

Destiny 2 players found themselves disillusioned recently with an apparent leak of more monetisation in the game but it turns out there was no need to be worried.

Bungie has a less-than-squeaky-clean record when it comes to monetisation practices so when someone mentions Destiny 2 could seek to pluck even more money out of the players' pockets, it is no wonder a backlash follows quickly.

It looks like the people behind the recent subscription scare could be aware of this as they chucked in a rumour that Destiny 2 would require a recurring payment in the future.

Naturally, the players were outraged at such a proposal. After all, it takes $100 to get a year's worth of expansion and seasonal content and then you get cosmetic microtransactions sprinkled on top.

Thankfully, this didn't turn out to be an actual plan by Bungie as the data miners that pushed the misinformation admitted as much on Discord .

For some reason, they thought this could be a "non-malicious" joke, which is an obtuse thing to say when the hoax only served to piss off the community for no reason.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Destiny 2 - Iron Banner

On top of that, Bungie's reputation suffered as a result of the unfounded rumour, which is often a reason for companies to take matters to court.

If you are into Destiny 2 right now and found the rumours of a subscription service disturbing, you can rest easy for the time being - Bungie didn't express an intention to introduce it.

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