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Deathloop gets Nvidia DLSS, here's how it compares to AMD FSR and native resolution

Published: 10:34, 15 October 2021
Hellascrupman - Reddit
Deathloop - AMD FSR vs Nvidia DLSS 2.0
Deathloop - AMD FSR vs Nvidia DLSS 2.0

Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 tech offers a much sharper image quality in Arkane's Deathloop than AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (AMD FSR), early testing shows.

Yesterday, Arkane Studios dropped the first update for their immersive sim Deathloop, which is currently available on PC and PlayStation 5. The update introduced Nvidia DLSS among other things, and today, we have some screenshots to compare how Nvidia's magic tech compares to AMD FSR, which was featured in Deathloop on launch.

Courtesy of Redditor Hellascrupman , there are several screenshots that showcase the image quality between Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR and native resolution. A clear winner in Deathloop is the native resolution, which looks sharper than DLSS and FSR. However, Nvidia's tech is not that far behind, which cannot be said for FSR - AMD's tech looks noticeably worse than both native resolution and DLSS. Even on Ultra Quality mode, FSR offer blurry image and the loss of detail on the objects and textures is pretty drastic.

You can check out the comparisons below:

Bethesda Deathloop key art Deathloop

As you can see, the native looks the best, then Nvidia DLSS offer the second-best image quality while AMD FSR is the least impressive of all three. We have to say that Deathloop is one of the games where FSR does not look that good and certainly is not a great example of what AMD's tech is capable of. 

Myst is one of the examples of how AMD FSR can look pretty good.

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