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Dead Cells offers players choices based on their food palette

Published: 19:21, 07 August 2018
Motion Twin
Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon
Dead Cells

Motion Twin have a history of quirky updates for their popular Metroidvania-like game Dead Cells. Somewhere along the way, they added an option to let players choose the aesthetics of health pick ups based on their diet preferences.

Quirky sliders and toggle options are still a somewhat uncommon occurrence in video games, but many titles have been using them recently. For example, not only has breast size slider for females, but also one for male characters that can decide whether they are packing a python, an inch worm or a .

BattleTech features options to choose whether your character is male, female or gender neutral. Dead Cells is a bit more tame, as its quirky options are nowhere near as controversial as the previous two.

The game features an that lets you choose whether your character is carnivore, vegetarian or fruitarian. It also has the outright kooky options such as monster, castlevaniaesque and "baguette".

These options will not alter the gameplay in any way and they are purely aesthetic, as it will change the way health pick ups look. For example, if you pick vegetarian, you will never see health pick ups in forms of beef or monster guts.

It's a thoughtful gesture from Motion Twin's side as they allowed vegetarian as well as carnivorous players to alter Dead Cells just enough to feel at home. It's commendable that the developers took it one step further with the three weird options as well.

While a baguette is a normal piece of diet, it has a special meaning in Dead Cells' development, mostly due to the (in)famous . Choosing "monster" option will not pop Monster energy drinks into the game, but rather have you eat monster guts for health regeneration.

Motion Twin Screenshot from Dead Cells showing the player fighting enemies on top of a tower Dead Cells

Dead Cells has been enjoying positive reviews ever since it entered Early Access on Steam, but with its recent official launch, it is now also harnessing positive reviews from just about everyone who has played it. If you feel like munching on some veggies or monster guts while crawling its 2D dungeons, you can grab it at until 13 August 2018.

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