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Dead by Daylight is getting Pyramid Head

Published: 22:01, 27 May 2020
Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight - Pyramid Head
Dead by Daylight - Pyramid Head

Behaviour Interactive are continuing with horror franchise crossovers for Dead by Daylight as Pyramid Head joins the roster. It is not related to the Silent Hill reboot though.

Silent Hill fans are pretty starved since they didn't get any new content for a long while now. The closest to a AAA Silent Hill in loosely recent history is P.T. which has been tossed aside long ago.

Now, the fans can enjoy some elements of the franchise in Dead by Daylight due to a crossover between the two titles. Silent Hill's iconic creature, Pyramid Head, will be joining the asymmetric multiplayer game after a line of monsters from other franchises. 

The teaser below doesn't really show much other than the character itself along with Cheryl Mason who will be the new playable survivor. There is also a new map coming to complement the duo. It is inspired by the Midwich Elementary School which has appeared in Silent Hill, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill movie and Dying Inside comic.

Pyramid Head is one in the long line of killers from franchises that are not Dead by Daylight but appear in the game as the likes of Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and Ghost Face already being there. He will not bear the usual moniker though and will be known as "The Executioner" in the game.

Since the trailer is cinematic in nature, it didn't reveal any abilities or perks of either Pyramid Head or Cheryl. Interestingly enough, he may not be the first killer from Silent Hill to appear in Dead by Daylight as it's still dubious whether the Nurse is based on the nurses from the same franchise.

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