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Dead by Daylight - Developer update announces wiggle changes and Nurse nerf

Published: 03:04, 05 January 2023
Even though she has a steep learning curve, she is still one of the most powerful killers in Dead by Daylight
Even though she has a steep learning curve, she is still one of the most powerful killers in Dead by Daylight

The new year has freshly started and Dead by Daylight was long due for some touchups and adjustments. The new developer updates focus on the Nurse, the Knight and the new wiggle system.

With only a few more days left to the Christmas event , Behaviour has released the Dead by Daylight developer updates for January.

Roughly 83% of players have opted into the new wiggle beta that had been introduced last year. Now, it has been officially integrated into the game, and as a result, it will disappear from the betas tab in the 6.5.0 update.

Additionally, instead of increasing wiggle speed, great skill checks will increase the amount the Killer sways while carrying the survivor by 20%. 

Great skill check success zones have also been increased in size since they are not as impactful anymore. Good skill checks, on the other hand, will still bump the Killer, but 50% less than previously.

The Nurse

New perks have made strong playstyles even stronger due to the fact that the Nurse's attacks are considered basic attacks, meaning they can benefit from a wide variety of perks.

Since the Nurse is threatening enough on her own, it was decided that her blink attacks become special attacks and no longer activate basic attack perks such as Starstruck, Hex: No One Escapes Death, and so on.

Next, a new sound cue when The Nurse has fully regenerated all her blink charges has been added and lastly, the Nurse’s add-ons have been revisited to add new effects and bring the strongest and weakest of the bunch closer in line with the rest. 

The add-ons that have been updated are:

  • Catatonic Boy’s Treasure: Reduces extra fatigue from Chain Blinks by 65% (was 100).
  • Dark Cincture: Increases movement speed after a Blink but before the following fatigue by 30%.
  • Heavy Panting: Extends the duration of a Lunge by 30% after more than one Blink.
  • Ataxic Respiration: Reduces base Blink fatigue duration by 7% (was 12%).
  • Fragile Wheeze: Blink Attacks inflict the Mangled status effect.
  • Campbell's Last Breath: After reappearing from a fully charged Blink, The Nurse immediately Blinks again at full charge in the direction she is currently facing. This only works if The Nurse has a remaining Blink charge (was originally a half-charged Blink).
  • "Bad Man's" Last Breath: Hitting a Survivor with a successful Blink Attack grants the Undetectable status effect for 25 seconds (up from 16). This effect may be only triggered once every 45 seconds (down from 60).
  • Kavanaugh's Last Breath: When succumbing to fatigue, any Survivors within 8 meters of The Nurse are afflicted with the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds.
  • Jenner's Last Breath: Once The Nurse has exhausted all her Blinks, The Nurse can immediately Blink back to her original position by pressing the Active Ability Button. Must be triggered before The Nurse succumbs to fatigue. After returning to her original position, all Blink charges are restored (added restoration of Blink charges).
  • Torn Bookmark: Adds 1 Blink charge. Increases Blink recharge time by 30% (was 50%).
  • Matchbox: Sets maximum number of Blink charges to 1. Increases The Nurse's base movement speed to 4.4 m/s (was 4.2 m/s, no longer allows other addons to restore Blink charges).

BHVR The Knight has been crowned as the most obnoxious killer in Dead by Daylight due to his ability to easily camp hooks The Knight has been crowned as the most obnoxious killer in Dead by Daylight due to his ability to easily camp hooks

The Knight

The orb Survivors see when the Killer is creating a path will shrink with distance, disappearing completely when the path is longer than 10 meters. 

After creating a path longer than 10 meters, The Knight will gain the Haste Status Effect for a few seconds. The longer the path, the longer the movement speed bonus will last. 

The guards will move to the position they spotted a Survivor and begin chasing faster depending on the length of the patrol path. Like the Haste, only paths longer than 10 meters will benefit from this.

Beyond promoting longer paths, the instant generator regression from guards was increased to 5% (compared to the default 2.5%). Guards will not activate generator-damaging perks.

Lastly, drawing a path and not moving to hide your terror radius - particularly near a hooked Survivor - has led to an addition of a 10-second limit to his patrol path creation.  


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