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Dead by Daylight - The Bone Chill event is back

Published: 00:02, 10 December 2022
Snowman hitting season is here
Snowman hitting season is here

Behaviour has launched the Dead by Daylight Christmas event called Bone Chill and the snowmen are back. This time, the killers can join in on the fun and Santa has brought a bunch of gifts for the players in the form of cosmetics and charms.

Behaviour has fully decorated the Dead by Daylight maps and got them ready for the festive season. In order for the players to fully experience the holidays and Christmas, Behaviour has decided to bring back the snowmen for the players to hide in.

Now, the killers will be able to join the fun by hiding in snowmen along with the survivors and yes, they'll still be able to hit the survivors even as snowmen.

The Jingle Bell Dwight skin, also known as the Dwelf skin, is coming back and the Huntress will decorate her axe to match the Christmas spirit. Additionally, Haddie Kaur, David King, the Dredge, The Deathslinger and the survivor from the most recent chapter, Vittorio Toscano , will be getting a few festive cosmetics along with a bunch of fun charms.

To obtain these cosmetics, the players must progress through the tome and also hide in the snowmen, break out of them and finish the match in order to obtain a random cosmetic from the event.

Behaviour Dwelf, the loudest skin in the game Dwelf, the loudest skin in the game

As usual, the event will also have festive flashlights, toolboxes, medkits and firecrackers for the survivors and special offerings and add-ons for the killers.

Aside from the fun cosmetics, the game will also have an advent calendar that will reward the players with daily giveaways for the duration of the event. Also, make sure to check out the in-game store for discounted items, outfits, characters, DLCs and previous winter event collections.


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