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Darksiders Genesis' Strife sends out some Cayde 6 vibes

Published: 00:47, 28 November 2019
THQ Nordic
Darksiders Genesis - Strife
Darksiders Genesis - Strife

THQ Nordic released the Introducing Strife trailer just a week before Darksiders Genesis' launch. All things considered, he seems to be a light-hearted gunfighter, not unlike Cayde-6 from Destiny series.

Strife is the only Horseman from Darksiders universe that didn't have a solo outing yet. Technically, there were cameos between the Horsemen in other Darksiders games as well but they all focused on just one per game. Meanwhile, Strife is debuting as a playable Horseman in a co-op title, alongside War, who was the protagonist of the first Darksiders. 

As the trailer suggests, Strife has no problems putting down hordes of enemies with his massive guns but he also doesn't miss an opportunity to drop a quirky line such as complaining about blood on his boots. This behaviour is highly reminiscent of Cayde-6 from Destiny series but the influence of the latter on building the Horseman's characteristics is somewhat arguable since Darksiders predates Destiny but Strife doesn't predate Cayde.

Anyway, the witty gunslinger apparently has blood on his boots on a constant basis, courtesy of Mercy and Redemption, the two of his guns. Strife's horse, Mayhem, completes the posse.

Come 5 December 2019, players will have the option to jump into Strife's bloody boots or those of War, which are likely just as drenched. Or you could get both, regardless of your co-op preference since Darksiders Genesis will feature both couch and online co-op.

Considering the players' adversary will be Lucifer himself, it is not hard to imagine why they might need a partner in crime, or in bringing divine order in this case. Chronologically, the story will take place before the Apocalypse and War's troubles.

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