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Darksiders: Genesis studio head talks Switch differences

Published: 19:22, 02 December 2019
THQ Nordic
Picture of War and Strife in THQ Nordic's Darksiders Genesis
Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders: Genesis is coming to all mainstream platforms but given Switch's somewhat stricter hardware limitations many questions were posed. Joe Madureira, CEO of Airship Syndicate, cleared up some things on the differences fans can expect on Switch.

Darksiders: Genesis is the first outing with Strife as a playable character but also the first isometric game in the series. It is also the first game that is coming to Google Stadia from get-go and that's the first platform that will see the release, alongside PC, on 5 December 2019.

The game is set to release on all three mainstream consoles - PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, two months later, on 14 February 2019. It's unclear if that particular date was chosen due to Valentine's and the co-op nature of Genesis but that is a discussion for another time. 

Switch players wanted to know what they are getting into and whether the performance or eye candy would suffer on their platform due to hardware limitations. According to Joe Madureira, Switch players can expect to see all the content other platforms will get, with no exceptions. He did state there might be other, currently unspecified, concessions that might not hit performance or graphics as the team is aiming for "the highest possible" frame rate and resolution.

Continuing the interview with Nintendo Everything, Ryan Stefanelli the president of Airship Syndicate, reiterated that Battle Chasers was one of the first games of "decent size" to hit Nintendo Switch, which could be a reassurance for the fans and a way of saying "we are experienced with this kind of thing".

THQ Nordic Darksiders Genesis - Strife Darksiders Genesis - Strife

There are still over two months to go before console release, which the players could use to scout out the terrain and see the PC and Stadia reviews before deciding whether to purchase Genesis or not.

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