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Cyberpunk 2077's 15-minute trailer presents Solo and Netrunners

Published: 21:48, 30 August 2019
CD Projekt Red
screenshot from cyberpunk 2077 trailer showing male v
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077's 15 new minutes of gameplay are finally here, introducing more of the world as well as V's possible classes. Sadly, it's cut up a lot, possibly as a means of cramming that much content into a somewhat short trailer.

CD Projekt Red have delivered the PAX West footage of Cyberpunk 2077 and the feelings are somewhat mixed. While pretty much everyone enjoyed the new footage we were shown, the video itself was made of what looks like too many cuts, limiting the fans' potential gratification.

The trailer kicks off with introductions to the Animals and Voodoo Boys gangs as well as Pacifica, the area where the two are battling for control. Voodoo Boys are adept Netrunners while Animals are juiced up hunks of meat and metal which made the gangs the perfect ways to showcase V's possible classes - Netrunner and Solo.

Netrunners have expertise similar to that of Voodoo Boys - they like going into cyberspace and hacking things. The latter provided the first footage of a hacking minigame, as well as the smaller automatic hacks that provided V with creative ways to overcome obstacles.

For example, the player in the video used V's hacking abilities to literally pop enemies' heads, disable safeguards on a sparring bot which promptly knocked an Animal out in one punch and even hack a bench that caused weights to drop and kill another Animal.

Solos are your typical strong, cybernetically enhanced people. The trailer shows V beating one Animal to a pulp before drawing a gun to shoot some more enemies. The revolver that was shown in the trailer looked fairly powerful, which should prove to be the go-to weapon for cybernetic Clint Eastwood power fantasy.

Furthermore, the cybernetically enhanced V was capable of ripping a turret from its emplacement and use it to turn more enemies into Swiss Cheese. 

The final moments of the trailer showed another faction briefly - the NetWatch. They were only described as people who want to protect everyone from AI anarchy and seem to be some kind of law enforcers.

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