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Crystal Dynamics retains rights to key franchises

Published: 20:18, 09 September 2022
Feral Interactive
Lara Croft is stalking some guy from a ledge while he's walking in a flooded chamber.
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics are coming out of that whole Square Enix and Embracer trade with a pretty sweet deal.

When someone mentions Crystal Dynamics these days, most people will immediately think about the colossal failure that was Marvel's Avengers but the studio is much more than that dip in its track record.

These folks are responsible for some of the franchises that are beloved to this day and they are getting to keep two major ones after the surprise deal Embracer got out of Square Enix .

Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain series are now under Crystal Dynamics' control, along with some other franchises that remained unnamed in the announcement.

The primary reason for announcing the change appears to be an attempt to inform fans that gameplay and personal data related to the franchises will be directly handled by the studio now. 

It could be a way to assert the studio's position where they have more control over franchises than when they were under Square Enix, which is a good thing as the aforementioned disaster that is Marvel's Avengers is popularly thought to be a product of corporate involvement into the work of creatives.

Square Enix Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver screenshot showing the main protagonist Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Meanwhile, the fans are most happy about the mention of Legacy of Kain series here since it has gone a very long time without a proper entry that would regale the longtime fans who got hooked on the grim vampire saga during '90s and early 2000s.

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