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Marvel's Avengers adds paid XP boosters, enrages the community

Published: 18:05, 08 October 2021
Square Enix
Marvel's Avengers
Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics snuck in an extremely controversial decision that is likely to alienate another portion of the already dwindled Marvel's Avengers player base.

Marvel's Avengers had a pretty bad launch and has never managed to recover as the game still has a  pretty low amount of people playing at any given time. 

One would think the imperative for the devs and publishers in such a situation would be to do everything in their power to regain some of the lost players since they are planning to support the game as a live service. However, that did not happen to be the case and Crystal Dynamics decided to announce they would break a promise that was given before the launch.

The game silently added paid experience boosters which is always a bad sign. After all, if you are betting the players will pay to skip time in your game, you designed it to be boring.

Anyway, the reason why the players are enraged stems from several issues. One of them is that before the launch of Marvel's Avengers, the devs announced it will not be pay to win and microtransactions would be cosmetic in nature.

Another grievance comes from the earlier part of 2021 when the  experience gains were nerfed , with the excuse of them ruining the game's pacing. Apparently, it doesn't matter if pacing supposedly gets ruined as long as the customers fork out the bucks.

The third aggravation numerous players report is the fact that the game recently had an event where everyone would get bonus experience, with users comparing the action to that of a drug dealer - the first hit is free and when you suffer withdrawal, more will be offered in exchange for payment.

Overall, the game that already has a low standing in the eyes of the wider gaming community will hardly ever become a successful live service, unless a drastic change in the approach comes around.

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