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EGS freebie list seemingly leaked in full

Published: 11:19, 27 December 2021
Crystal Dynamics
Tomb Raider screenshot showing lara croft by the fire
Tomb Raider is one of the games that support TressFX

Epic Games Store still has a few days to release all the free to claim titles for the winter holidays and now it looks like players can see ahead what's in store for them, pardon the pun.

Epic Games Store's two-week run of daily games that are free to keep is coming to an end soon, with just four items left for everyone to claim as December 30, 2021, approaches.

Epic didn't reveal the giveaways up until the point where they rotate on a daily basis but there are a few sleuths and people with connections that seem to know them ahead of time. Dealabs, for example, got every prediction right up until this point as billbil-kun provided correct info ahead of time each day.

At the time of writing, Control was free to claim, in line with the leaker's claims, which gave the entire Dealabs community a bit more credibility, meaning another post there might be onto something. 

This time around, it's maaboo claiming the remaining giveaways are :

  • December 27 - Mages of Mystralia
  • December 28 - Moving Out
  • December 29 - Salt and Sanctuary
  • December 30 - The Tomb Raider Trilogy

Keep in mind that billbil-kun is the actual leaker that was verified through the early announcements thus far and has now confirmed December 27, 28 and 29 reveals that were previously posted by maaboo. 

The original leaker is still unsure about December 30 but if three out of four items on the list are correct, it's highly likely the Tomb Raider Trilogy is what we're getting in the final day of EGS giveaways.

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