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Jane Foster officially confirmed as the next Marvel's Avengers hero

Published: 12:31, 20 April 2022
Crystal Dynamics
Marvel's Avengers
Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics confirmed the previous tease about the upcoming hero in Marvel's Avengers and gave the fans a vague release date.

Marvel's Avengers is currently on patch 2.3 which was released in March 2022 and the latest blog posting suggested that patch 2.4 will arrive at some point in May. Should this type of release schedule continue, update 2.5 is expected to arrive at some point in June or July and the significance of this one lies in the release of the new hero.

Considering that the new hero is the Jane Foster version of Thor and that the movie featuring her is scheduled for theatrical release on July 8, the first half of the seventh month is the safer bet.

One detail that is worrying the players currently is the mention that Jane will "have a lot in common" with Odinson, with many expecting her to be the carbon copy of the already existing hero.

Crystal Dynamics did note that Jane will have elements that are distinctly her own but since the particulars are currently unknown, the broad term could even refer to cosmetic appearance, not the gameplay itself.

Foster's appearance as Thor was mentioned a month before the official announcement and the fans were worried even then. 

Crystal Dynamics Marvel's Avengers - Kate Bishop Marvel's Avengers already has several Hawkeyes

With three months left until release, the ramp-up in marketing will probably tell people enough on whether the wait will be worth any hype or if the game is due for another dumpster fire.

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