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Corruption 2029 gets the first gameplay showcase

Published: 20:23, 12 February 2020
The Bearded Ladies
Corruption 2029
Corruption 2029

Corruption 2029 got a surprise reveal and release date announcement recently. Just under a week ahead of release, developers from The Bearded Ladies provided half an hour worth of gameplay where they displayed the various abilities and one mission.

Corruption 2029 is coming out on 17 February 2020 and six days before the release, developers showed one full mission as well as the various abilities of Briggs, Wolf and Tranter. 

As you may have guessed, Corruption 2029 is borrowing heavily from the studio's previous title, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden so the gameplay is fairly similar and some abilities are straight-up pulled from the game.

Anyway, Briggs is the closest thing that the team has to a shock trooper. Armed with a suppressed pistol and a shotgun, this unit will literally jump into battle. The closer the better as Briggs' shotgun deals damage in a cone so grouped up enemies can sometimes be taken out in one shot.

Wolf is the team's sniper. Giving a height advantage to this unit is crucial in order to get the best lines of sight. That said, a line of sight is not always needed since the sniper rifle can destroy some covers and the enemies behind them. On the utility side of things, Wolf can deploy a dome-like kinetic barrier that blocks projectiles.

Tranter is the heavy unit. He packs a minigun that can lay waste to an entire enemy squad, dealing more damage than even Wolf's shotgun. He is also a crafty one, utilising a decoy to bait enemies into shooting it and potentially grouping up so he can mow them down with a hail of bullets.

Just like Mutant Year Zero, Corruption 2029 employs stealth mechanics and kills are required to deal with the cooldowns. Developers estimated the game can be beaten in 10-15 hours on Hard mode but it would take novice players longer than that. Considering the game costs $19.99, it really doesn't sound like skimping on content.

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