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Corruption 2029 announced, releases in two weeks

Published: 22:31, 07 February 2020
The Bearded Ladies
Corruption 2029 screenshot
Corruption 2029

The Bearded Ladies, developer of Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden did a surprise reveal of their new game, Corruption 2029. The most surprising part is that the game will launch in less than two weeks from the first trailer.

The Bearded Ladies decided to drop several surprises on their fan base that was gathered thanks to Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Corruption 2029 itself is the first surprise as the game reveal trailer came out of nowhere and now the game is slated for 17 February 2020 release. That is just 10 days away from the initial trailer.

Surprises don't stop there though, as Corruption 2029 will cost just $19.95 / €19.99, a fraction of a AAA title's price. Pre-orders were up at the time of writing. It is currently unknown whether this is a result of it being smaller in scale than Mutant Year Zero or a result of the exclusivity deal.

That last part is the third surprise, one we suspect some people will not like. Corruption 2029 is coming only on PC and it's tied to . The Bearded Ladies did not specify whether the exclusivity deal is a timed one just yet.

As for the game itself, it is a turn-based title, along the lines of Mutant Year Zero. Stealthy approach will be incorporated once again as players will need to scope out tactical advantages before engaging the enemy. Skills and different weapons have both been confirmed and players will control a squad of augmented soldiers.

The Bearded Ladies Corruption 2029 Corruption 2029

The premise is that an inhuman regime has taken over America and turned it into a war zone. What's left of the regular government sends in the squad of heavily augmented soldiers, consisting of Wolf, Briggs and Tranter in an attempt to dismantle the regime.

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