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Contra Returns officially coming to the west, pre-registration open

Published: 12:22, 29 June 2021
Contra Returns
Contra Returns

Contra fans have had it rough after the golden age in the past millennium but there is a sort-of-new game coming to the Western players soon.

Contra Returns is a mobile video game that the fans of old will immediately find familiar but some of the graphics advancements are still around. That said, the game features the sidescrolling shoot 'em up gameplay that the fans have come to know and love, instead of trying to take the franchise in a 3D direction yet again.

It has been available in China for a few years already but the western fans will finally get an opportunity to try the game out on their own phones soon. Pre-registration is now available for both Android and iOS .

Contra Returns features the old dynamic duo - Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, the totally not Dutch and Rambo. However, it also has a pile of other playable characters, including an actual bear and werewolf .

Since this is a mobile game, you can expect a ton of monetisation so it's only fair to warn you ahead as nostalgia can easily make people send-happy.

Contra Returns will launch in North America on July 26, 2021, while Europe doesn't have an exact release date yet, with the regular "Coming soon" placeholder being employed.


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