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Call of Duty Mobile teases new map locations ahead of Season 7 launch

Published: 15:19, 01 June 2020
Call of Duty Mobile facility, indoors
Call of Duty Mobile, one of the new locations in Season 7

Call of Duty Mobile is officially launching Season 7 this week, prompting the developer to show off some of the new locations on the battle royale map.

The cover image is, of course, one of them and TiMi Studios wrote, "Many new indoor locations coming in the CoD Mobile Battle Royale Expansion!⁣⁣ Find this one and you won't regret the unforeseen benefits it bestows!"

As you can see from the trailer, Season 7 is packed with new spots to practice your, ahem, finishing. Among them are a few that should be well familiar to Call of Duty Mobile players who occasionally strayed into PC or console waters. 

In fact, the dev claims that the expansion increases the map size by almost half the size of the original, which is sure to affect the overall match dynamics based on size alone. 

There's ample variety in Call of Duty Mobile's new locations, from urban and CQC-friendly Downtown and Black Market (not that Black Market), to more open ones like Frigid Wetland and Harbor. 

We're still scratching the surface, mind you, and CoD Mobile players are likely to have a blast with the game's map expansion, no pun intended. 

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 7 launches this week, although Activision are still not saying the exact date. What they did confirm, however, that the game will feature "interactive areas to utilize, new enemies to find, and new vehicles to master."

Call of Duty Mobile's map in Season 7 Call of Duty Mobile, Season 7 map

Taking tips from its bigger brother, Call of Duty: Warzone, CoD Mobile: Season 7 is expected to bring Gulag , the map that makes you earn the right to drop again. A number of features from the test server should be making it for launch, although Activision and TiMi are still coy on specifics.

Call of Duty Mobile is a shooter by Activision and Tencent

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Call of Duty: Mobile

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