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Call of Duty: Mobile adding Saloon map and new game modes next month

Published: 11:40, 29 April 2020
Call of Duty: Mobile screenshot showing Saloon map
Call of Duty: Mobile - Saloon map

Activision have detailed upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile additions in the latest blog post. A new map named Saloon will arrive in mid-May along with a brand new game mode named 1v1 Duel.

Today, Call of Duty: Mobile received another major, western-update which introduced the iconic Rust map along with plenty of fixes, Battle Pass changes and general improvements. In the announcement post , Activision also revealed their plans for May 2020 updates, which will add a lot of fresh content to the game.

The content will start to roll out with the brand new Capture the Flag mode, which arrives in early May. As you may know, Capture the Flag is the classic multiplayer mode from Call of Duty series but Activision say they will add a western-themed feel to it to make it special.

Furthermore, in the next couple of weeks, Kill Confirmed will also be added to the game. This is another classic multiplayer mode where players score points by collecting dog tags from fallen enemies.

In mid-May, a brand new map named Saloon, which you can see in the image above, also arrives with 1v1 Duel mode. This map will be exclusive for both 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Showdown modes. It is all about facing off against your opponent in a purely skilled based duel. Additionally, 1v1 Duel will also be available on Killhouse map.

Activision cod mobile screenshot showing two characters on Rust location Call of Duty Mobile

Here is the full scheduled of current and upcoming events:

  • 29.04 - New Map - Rust
  • 29.04 - Rust Map Challenge
  • 29.04 - One Shot One Kill Mode
  • 29.04 - 14.05 - 2v2 Showdown Mode returns on new maps
  • 30.04 - Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 begins
  • 01.05 - Capture the Flag: Gold Edition Mode
  • 01.05 - Once Upon a Time in Rust Battle Pass
  • 01.05 - More new content inbound

Call of Duty Mobile is a shooter by Activision and Tencent

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