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Conan Exiles is introducing Battle Standards in a free update

Published: 17:55, 02 September 2019
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Conan Exiles

Funcom's online survival RPG Conan Exiles is set to introduce a new type of placeable named Battle Standards in a free update. Battle Standards allows players to set specific areas as PvP zones where they can set arenas for dueling.

Funcom are introducing a brand new feature to their online survival RPG Conan Exiles. Named, Battle Standards, it's a long-awaited addition that allows players to create their own PvP zones where they can set up arenas for dueling and gladiatorial combat on servers not specifically dedicated to PvP.

The new feature officially arrives tomorrow, 03 September 2019, and in the latest blog post, the developers have detailed everything players can expect from Battle Standards.

The Battle Standard is a tall, placeable flag with two crossed swords on the front. Its intention is to establish a PvP Zone in an area where the flag is placed. The intended functionality is to allow players to first build an arena structure and then establish the PvP Zone with the cunning use of a flag. You can see the usage of the flag in the screenshot below.

Funcom also added several special functions and rules to the battle standard in order to prevent griefing and exploits. Here's all of them:

  • Once crafted and placed, it can’t take damage
  • Once placed it will prevent placing down other structures inside the PvP area (so make sure you’ve finished your arena before plonking down the flag)
  • The Battle Standard doesn’t have land-claim, and also ignores land-claim when placed
  • It uses exclusive placement rules to prevent multiple arenas being placed too close to each other.
  • PvP combat inside the Battle Standard’s area of influence is completely optional, so people can’t trick you into PvP combat when you don’t want to.

Players entering the area around the Battle Standard will get a warning message on the screen asking them if they want to enable PvP combat. The message will give you the option to opt-in or opt-out. 

If you opt-in, you'll be eligible for PvP while inside the Battle Standard area of effect. However, if you choose opt-out, you can wander around the area but you won't be able to take part in PvP.

Funcom Conan Exiles showing a player standing near a flag Conan Exiles

You can find more details about Battle Standard on .

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