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League of Legends transfers: Fnatic trades Advienne for Trymbi

Published: 00:00, 08 May 2023
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While everyone was busy looking at MSI, Fnatic made a transfer that took all the spotlight away.

Transfer periods in League of Legends are always exciting as teams sometimes buy players no one expected and other times two or more make trades that don't make sense on the surface level.

While Riot Games and all the fandom was focused on the MSI 2023 draw, following the play-in stage, news from confidential sources sprung up, claiming that Fnatic and KOI would trade Advienne for Trymbi .

Considering that Advienne had a rough split, much like the rest of Fnatic, one has to conclude they were the ones that got the better end of the deal.

It also comes as a surprise as Trymbi was with KOI long before the name changed from Rogue and no one really expected him to leave.

Technically, the trades have not been completed as only verbal agreements have been reached but once it comes to this stage, it is rare that the deals fall through.

Riot Games Rekkles issues an apology for the fans after an underperforming Winter Split in the LEC Rekkles was supposedly going to switch positions but that is out of the window with Trymbi now on the team

In any case, Trymbi's season with KOI so far hasn't been that great and the team didn't manage to qualify for MSI 2023. On the other hand, Advienne and Fnatic had a terrible split, showing life signs only by the end of it.

That said, both KOI and Fnatic did seem to have issues behind the scenes so let's hope the trade ends up being good for both.


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