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Company of Heroes 3 launches Operation Sapphire Jackal

Published: 13:59, 28 March 2023
Company of Heroes 3 - Operation Sapphire Jackal promotional image
Company of Heroes 3 - Operation Sapphire Jackal promotional image

Company of Heroes 3 is getting weekly and daily challenges with the Operation Sapphir Jackal update, along with a few other things.

RTS fans already have mixed feelings about Company of Heroes 3 and we suspect the next addition by Relic and SEGA will not be all that popular either.

The game is getting daily and weekly challenges, and as you probably already know by now, this type of objectives is mostly aimed at maximising player login and play time, even if it doesn't offer any actual fun.

Completing the challenges will award cosmetic items and a few other things, which will likely put further strain on the players' opinion of the game.

The update also has a bunch of bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements, as well as a new voiceover for the Ghurka Infantry, updates to the player colour options for better clarity, audio adjustments and more.

You can check out the full list of changes on the official patch notes.

In-game cosmetics may have caught your attention in the line above, and they will be useable in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Just in case the reliance on challenges didn't vex you enough, some of the cosmetics will be locked behind paywalls and yes, that means an in-game store.

War Bonds will be the premium currency that is purchased with real money while Merit is the earnable in-game currency, awarded for completing teh challenges. Merit will not be able to purchase some of the cosmetics.

Operation Sapphire Jackal launches on March 28, 2023, at 5:00 PM CEST / 6:00 PM BST / 10:00 AM PT.


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