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Company of Heroes 3 devs reveal new details about dynamic map, gameplay systems and more

Published: 07:49, 21 December 2021
Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3

Relic explain how they are giving players more freedom than ever before on their new dynamic campaign maps in Company of Heroes 3. 

Company of Heroes 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated strategy games of 2022 and in the latest video, the development team have decided to give us a bunch of new details regarding the game's campaign, dynamic map and how players can customise their army to suit their playstyle. 

The favourite thing about the campaign map for some devs is the way how every Company of Heroes 3 system comes together - you customise your army, you're setting them up on the map, getting to skirmishes and all of that is affecting the missions, which ultimately affects how the campaign map is going to play moving forward.  

Relic say that the combination of the strategic campaign map and real-time strategy elements is what makes the game gel. They mention that one of the key things in the game is how players can customise their army. So for example, if you want to go all airforce, you can do that but you'll need to capture airfields in order to make your airforce deadly. 

"It's no good to have bombers and fighters if you don't have somewhere to land and refuel," says Andrew Denelaut, campaign map lead. You can capture airfields and other important points on the map with land troops.

SEGA Company of Heroes 3 Company of Heroes 3

The Navy is mostly used to protect your supply lines and make sure you have those resources coming in. You can also use the Navy for beach landings, which is a great way to flank the enemy.

The devs explain that the Germans will also have both the navy and airforce in the game but it will be a bit different due to their approach in real life. For example, the airforce may not be as strong in some parts of the campaign as it is in the very beginning. German airforce will also target players' forces in very specific ways by attacking ports, supply lines and naval power. 

There's a couple of more details about Partisans and other stuff in the video above, so we recommend you check it out if Company of Heroes 3 is something that you look forward to.

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