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Company of Heroes 3 announced, you can play early

Published: 21:59, 13 July 2021
Updated: 22:07, 13 July 2021
Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3

SEGA and Relic announced Company of Heroes 3 and just like that made countless fans happiers than they were yesterday.

Company of Heroes is coming back in style it seems as the third instalment has been set for release in 2022. Considering the abrupt announcement, it's not exactly weird that we will have to wait a bit before release but you can actually get your hands on the game way before that.

Pre-alpha previews will be available for those willing to test the game out on Steam and given the fans' love of the franchise, one would hazard a guess that many are interested in this offering. To get a chance at participating in the pre-alpha, simply go to and sign up for the CoH-Development. You will need to provide all the basic information such as your name, date of birth and email in order to get into the pool of potential participants.

If you're simply wondering what CoH3 is all about, that's easy - more World War 2 strategy. Players will deploy units across the beautiful Mediterranean area but also North African deserts and more.

The game will use Essence Engine 5 which is the latest version of Relic's proprietary real-time strategy technology. Hopefully, the progress for this franchise will turn out better than Dawn of War 3 did for Relic's games in Warhammer 40K universe.

Relic's motto here appears to be that intelligence trumps speed in CoH3 and to that end, we will be able to see Tactical Pause in singleplayer, in order to issue commands without being too late to the punch.

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