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Scavengers is a new co-op survival game from former Halo devs

Published: 16:49, 07 December 2018
Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment have officially revealed their co-op survival game dubbed Scavengers. According to the developer, players will be thrown into a harsh and frozen world, with everything from weather to raiders trying to get them.

Originally announced back in March 2018, Scavengers has been unveiled at The Games Awards 2018 show by the developer Midwinter Entertainment. Scavengers is a game inspired by Halo 5's Warzone mode and the studio likes to call it a multiplayer "co-opetition" survival shooter.

Midwinter Entertainment is a studio created by Josh Holmes, the former executive producer and creative director on Halo series. He explained the vision behind the game and how it ties in with Halo series. 

"When we introduced Warzone in Halo 5, it represented the pinnacle of blended PvE/PvP. Now, we have the ability to push the boundaries of 'co-opetition' gameplay in Scavengers, with teams of players competing as armies of smart AI move intelligently across the map, hunting down players and each other", Holmes said.

Scavengers is Midwinter Entertainment's debut game and it's built on Improbable's SpatialOS tech. It combines survival and exploration mechanics with combat elements and is set in a harsh world, where players have to work together, and against each other, to survive.

This sounds pretty promising and it will be interesting to see how exactly it will work. We guess that all players would have to fight big bosses or stick together to survive blizzard and extreme colds. Once the dangers go away though, everyone will switch back to the hostile mode in a struggle for valuable resources. It looks like trust will be a big thing in Scavengers.

Along with hostile players, you will have to fight various groups of Outlander raiders, mutated monstrosities, starvation and of course extreme weather.

Midwinter Entertainment Scavengers

If the screenshots are to be believed, Scavengers will be a nice looking game. It should feature day and night cycle and various weather effects.

The trailer didn't really show much and the info about the game is still pretty scarce. We don't even know the platforms it will cover or the release date. Midwinter Entertainment have been very secretive about the project but they did mention that first playtests will be coming sometime next year.

You can sign up for the playtests on the official .

Scavengers, a co-op survival shooter by Midwinter Entertainment

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