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Scavengers gameplay trailer shows combat, characters and more

Published: 16:20, 13 June 2019
Midwinter Entertainment

Midwinter Entertainment have released a first gameplay trailer for their co-op survival shooter Scavengers. It's a pretty short video but it reveals the game's post-apocalyptic winter, combat, weapons and other gameplay features.

A harsh and frozen world of Scavengers was officially revealed in December 2018 at The Games Awards show and since then, not a lot has been said about Midwinter Entertainment's co-op survival shooter.

Fast forward a couple of months and the devs are finally sharing more details about the game and have also released two brand new trailers - one of them gives us a first look at gameplay.

The gameplay trailer is quite short but enough to show us what exactly can we expect from Scavengers once the game releases. There's scavenging, obviously, exploration, combat and various weapons including bows, maces, spears and guns.

We also got to see some of the enemy types in the game - bears, wolves and some sort of infected creatures will be the main threat along with hostile players. You can check out the gameplay video above for a closer look at these.

According to the developers, players' goal is to survive the harsh conditions, gather valuable materials and get to safety as soon as possible. There will be several groups of players all over the map who also want the slim resources. Players can decide to join forces for the greater good and survive or they can fight each other and claim all materials for themselves.

To spice things up, various events will be available on the map and the game will also have a dynamic weather system with blizzards, which is something that should add another layer of tactics to Scavengers gameplay.

Midwinter Entertainment picture showing characters fighting Scavengers

If Scavengers looks like your cup of tea, you can sign up to playtest the game on . The devs confirmed that more players will be added over time. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the release date as the devs are still working on launch details and timing.

Scavengers, a co-op survival shooter by Midwinter Entertainment

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