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Cloud Imperium Games roll out Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 update

Published: 08:27, 22 July 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Futuristic military aircraft from Star Citizen
Star Citizen Alpha 3.6

Cloud Imperium Games have rolled out a hefty Alpha 3.6 update to Star Citizen that bring a retooled law system, fleshed-out black market economy with specialised delivery missions, VTOL hover mode, new vehicles and weapons, and more.

Star Citizen's developer is obviously intent on making crime pay, and as the in-game story goes, the newly-found lucrativeness of the criminal element is a direct result of the game's universe getting safer.

"The 'verse is about to get a little more hectic for players that live life on the run thanks to a retooled law system that ensures appropriate security response and escalation based on specific jurisdictions and their regulations", they wrote.

So, Star Citizen's Alpha 3.6 means you're free to exercise your shadiness via the black market, specialised delivery missions and such, in what CIG ultimately called crimestat management.

While we're on the subject of Star Citizen's universe, CIG added more crimestat hacking locations and terminals, while updating the hacking system. The devices will vary in style and quality, from slow and reliable to quick and more illicit editions. 

The game's popular Face and Voice Over IP has been added to ship-to-ship comms and comes with enabled global proximity, which is likely to result in more hilarity.

Star Citizens' VTOL hover mode has been a highly anticipated feature, allowing for more realism in situations where in-game pilots decide to check out the great outdoors on other planets.

"Shields have also been reworked to implement meaningful differences in the way they perform, while degradation has been improved to allow for damage accumulation through specific behaviors and effects to increase the chance of component failure", they said.

CIG threw in some much-welcomed tweaks to FPS guns and ship weapons, bringing the ability to use attachments on your weapons of choice.

"In accordance with the enhanced degradation system, all ship weapons now suffer appropriately from degeneration and show physical signs of wear, tear, and damage", they said.

Cloud Imperium Games A police officer holding a man at gunpoint in Star Citizen Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 update, retooled law system

Last but not least is the Anvil Ballista, whose small footprint and awesome firepower made CIG compared it to Monty Python's inquisition.

You can find more detailed patch notes on .

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 update by Cloud Imperium Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Star Citizen Alpha 3.6

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