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Chrono Trigger was released on Steam and it's not good

Published: 21:30, 28 February 2018
Square Enix
Chrono trigger's protagonist Crono fighting a dinosaur-like creature and a witch.
Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger had a surprise release on Steam on 27 February 2018 and while the SNES classic was a welcome addition to the PC roster, the way it was ported ruined it for the fans. One day in, and the review section is as Red as Lenin.

Needless to say, fans were excited out of their skin when the release happened but excitement quickly turned into despair and disappointment once they actually fired up the game. While Chrono Trigger is a classic and beloved game, it had one hitch - the port was developed by Square Enix, who are notorious for bad ports.

One huge letdown is the obviously lazy approach Square Enix took with the game, as this is obviously a port of the smartphone version of the game and the UI remained largely unchanged. It looks hideous on PC, since there is no need for a touch screen friendly interface. The oversized borders are simply not for this platform.

Square Enix Excerpt from a Chrono Trigger trailer claiming the PC version of the game has updated graphics, sound and gameplay. Chrono Trigger - Updated graphics, sound and gameplay. Nope, maybe and nope.

Players are complaining about game breaking bugs such as loading saves freezing the game. Returning the cat quest right at the beginning of the game while not essential - still doesn't work, world sprites are terrible, if you're trying to rename your character you're not prompted with an in-game menu but a default windows pop up etc.

To top it all off, you are not able to adjust the UI colour. You could do this on the SNES. There are two possibilities here, the first one is that the SNES is a superior gaming platform compared to the PC in terms of hardware capabilities. The second one is that Square Enix were extremely lazy when porting the game. While I love the SNES with all my heart, I can't pass on the opportunity to call Square Enix out on their malpractice.

Square Enix Screenshot from Chrono Trigger altered to look like Square Enix are to stand judgement for their lazy PC port. Chrono Trigger - Square Enix, you are here to be judged for your sins of exploiting the game for your greedy cash grab needs.

If you're still itching to try the game out, it's available on  for  £11,99. At the moment of writing, the refund button was working fine as it was confirmed by the recent reviews on Chrono Trigger's Steam page.

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