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Capcom's Mega Man will be going to Hollywood soon

Published: 09:33, 04 October 2018
Key art showing Capcom's Mega Man
Mega Man 11

Capcom said a while that they're considering just about every piece of company IP for further exploitation, they obviously weren't kidding and we now know that Mega Man will be going to Hollywood with Masi Oka at the creative helm.

In a statement, Capcom said that it's only fitting for Mega Man to receive a proper gift for his 30th anniversary, which alone spans more than 50 games across numerous platforms. The franchise has sold more than 30 million and to this day remains one of Capcom's most prized possessions.

Admittedly, the way that the company started going about their -r- , it's likely we'll see much more of it these days. For now, we know it'll be made by the company behind The Planet of the Apes and Masi Oka, most commonly associated with the Heroes series.

This means Mega Man will be getting a live action feature to go with the animated series in the US, although we're yet to see how Capcom handle this. Considering the current trend of pandering to the loudest demographic, I find myself hoping Capcom will leave Mega Man as he is, but I won't be surprised if I see him mangled out of recognition.

Capcom have already announced that Monster Hunter: World, which has been their cash cow as of late, will get its own action movie, by the crew behind the Resident Evil movie franchise. Yep, we're talking about Mila Jovovich and Co, so to more bloody ordeals and looking good while doing it.

The company had a mixed 2018 thus far, because gains made by Monster Hunter: World's console and PC sales seem to have only offset their losses elsewhere. Analysts degraded their performance over what were at the time thought to be , but it culminated with the closing of their Vancouver studio.

Capcom Mega Man X gameplay of first mission Mega Man X Legacy Collection - Will feature newer visuals for consoles and PC

Monster Hunter: World's sales have been a thing dreams are made of though and although its PC port is chock full of signs of half-assed ports, a concerning industry practice , Capcom will be hadoukening people around for years to come.

You can find Capcom's Mega Man announcement .

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